Offer of the month - March 2013

Dear gallery friends and customers

During the month of March, Edition Domberger is offering the art portfolio “COLUMBUS” from the 100 edition (approx. 27 personally signed prints, 1 small sculpture, 2 CDs with pop music, 1 double CD with classical music, 2 literary texts, 1 book about the rainforest) for the special price of 21,000.00 euros (regular 30,000.00 euros).

It’s not that long ago that terms like sustainability and globalization circulated among experts at best. It was also unimaginable for many people that the wall separating our country would disappear one day and Germany would take the role of a trailblazer in a united Europe.

But it has been 20 years that we published two legendary portfolios in Filderstadt which were history in the making and which we – connected to an offer – want to place at the centre of your interest: COLUMBUS and AUFBRUCH AUS MOSKAU. Both portfolios comprise works of individual artists which back then were already expensive but are barely affordable today.

A portfolio is wonderfully suitable in corridors or as a joining element for a house or an enterprise. Portfolios bundle individual statements to form a theme, they provide subjects for talks and variety for our eyes.

With the portfolio COLUMBUS, “artists united for nature“ wanted to stand up against the global environment problems. The portfolio compiles works by greats from the art scene such as Kenny Scharf, Robert Longo, Robert Mangold, Roy Lichtenstein, Christo, Eduardo Chillida, Elvira Bach, Hanne Darboven and many more.

COLUMBUS’ main theme has not lost its meaning – on the contrary. There is more than art behind this portfolio; it was about personal commitment and taking action to save this world.

The COLUMBUS portfolio is ideal for people who have the world’s interest at heart – today and tomorrow!

In our offer for the month of April you can find out more about the artistic East-West dialogue so stay tuned!

Offer of the month - March 2013