Portfolio »Hommage à Domberger« 2002

On the occasion of the 55th  anniversary of the company as well as of the 90th  birthday of its founder Luitpold Domberger 15 artists designed 16 original prints that were produced by Edition Domberger and compiled in the anniversary portfolio “Hommage à Domberger”.

Elvira Bach, Werner Berges, Hellmut Buch, Christo, Richard Estes,
Heinz Gappmayr, Jochen Gerz, José de Guimarães, Hans Karl,
Gerald Laing, Robert Mangold, Ton Mars, Pietro Sanguineti, Kenny
Scharf, Raymond E. Waydelich.

portfolio including 16 original prints
technique: screen print / offset print, digital print and collage
format: 32 × 26 cm, passe-partout: 50 × 40 cm
edition: 50 exemplars + 20 artist proofs

Price: on Request

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Elvira Bach
Werner Berges · alle farbigen Elemente sind handkoloriert, jedes Blatt ist farbig verschieden
Hellmut Bruch · Siebdruck auf roter Acrylfolie
Christo · "Wrapped Bottle"
Richard Estes
Heinz Gappmayr · "ist"
Heinz Karl
Gerald Laing · "Old Bardot"
Ton Mars
Jochen Gerz · "Wer denkt mich I"
Jochen Gerz · "Wer denkt mich II"
Josè de Guimarães · Collage
Robert Mangold
Pietro Sanguineti · "Lost"
Raymond E. Waydelich
Kenny Scharf