Portfolio "Columbus" 1992

Columbus: In Search of a New Tomorrow.

“Before the world is changed
it would perhaps be more appropriate
not to destroy it”
Paul Claudel

The idea of “COLUMBUS” was born with this sentence in mind. We felt the astonishingly positive resonance which our plan attracted from the very beginning to be a challenge to make this art edition something very special. And so we succeeded in involving artists from the endangered rainforest areas in the project and, for the first time, in bringing together fine art, photography, literature, drama and music in one work.

It has only been possible to create this large-scale artistic project with the assistance of many who think as we do: First of all, I would like to thank His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain and Mr. Hoet, manager of “documenta IX”, for their spontaneous willingness to be patrons of “COLUMBUS”.

My particular thanks goes to all the artists who have selflessly und generously taken part in this project.
And last but by no means least I would like to thank my in-house staff for their energy and enthusiasm in the production, organisation and distribution of the work.
Unfortunately it is not possible to mention individually everyone involved in making this project a success.
However I can assure everyone that this assistance will not be forgotten, and I am convinced that “COLUMBUS” will do justice to their efforts.

We would like this cooperation to encourage us and others to go further along this path. “COLUMBUS” is in fact merely a first step in a new direction. It cannot and should not replace our more extensive, personal commitment.

Michael Domberger

35 personally signed prints
1 small sculpture
2 CDs with pop music
1 double CD with classical music
1 book

mainly screenprints,
combination of screenprint and collotype,

Size of the prints:
58 × 76 cm
Edition: 100 Ex.

The art portfolio:
The works are in alphabetical
order according to artists' names,
in two high-quality linen boxes.

Price: on Request

Elvira Bach, Joseph Beuys (autorisierter Nachdruck), Max Bill, Sandro Chia, Eduardo Chillida, Joe Cocker, Christo, Hanne Darboven, Bryan Ferry, Peter Arthur Hutchinson, Ilja Kabakov, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Ira Kaingang Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Longo, Robert Mangold, Bernard Matemera, Joe Nalo, Haralampi G. Oroschakoff, Claus-Otto Paeffgen, Nam June Paik, Mimmo Paladino, Werner Pawlok, Suzan Pitt, Sigmar Polke, Jean Remmlinger, Andrej Rojter, Kenny Scharf, J. Raphael Soto, Antonio Tàpies, Jan Peter Tripp, Tomi Ungerer, Peter Ustinov, Mario Vargas Llosa, Raymond E. Waydelich, Enoch zu Guttenberg

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Elvira Bach
Joseph Beuys, unsigniert
Max Bill
Sandro Chia
Eduardo Chillida
Joe Cocker / Raymond E. Waydelich
Hanne Darboven
Bryan Ferry
Peter Arthur Hutchinson
Ira Kaigang
Roy Lichtenstein
Robert Mangold
Bernard Matemera Skulptur / Bronze
Joe Nalo
Haralampi G. Oroschakoff
Klaus Otto Paeffgen
Nam June Paik
Mimmo Paladino
Werner Pawlok
Sigmar Polke
Andrej Rojter
Kenny Scharf
Antonio Tàpies
Peter Ustinov
Mario Vargas Llosa
Ennoch zu Guttenberg
Ilja Kabakov
Suzan Pitt
Robert Longo
Robert Glenn Ketchum
J. Raphael Soto
Strassburger Blatt: Jean Remlinger, Jan Peter Tripp, Tomi Ungerer, Raymond E. Waydelich
Strassburger Blatt: Jean Remlinger
Strassburger Blatt: Jan Peter Tripp
Strassburger Blatt: Tomi Ungerer
Strassburger Blatt: Raymond E. Waydelich