Moscow Departures

A visit to Moscow, a first contact with Russian artists and their works through our "Kinderstern" portfolio, sympathy at first sight and interest in the works - all that marked the beginning.

This was followed by  a trip to Rome to visit an exhibition of Russian artists and during the first exchanges with artists Prigov, Orlov, Litichevskiy, Rojter, Zwesdotschotov, Zacharov and Filippov, the idea for this portfolio came to life.

I was very curious and eager to take a look behind the curtains. I was particularly interested in the experiences each of these artists made in such an energized atmosphere and how it felt having to - or being able to - work in Rome, Sydney, Amsterdam, New York, Cologne or Filderstadt  all of a sudden.

However, I was very surprised that all of the artists I had invited agreed to participate and everything took shape when the first Russian artist, Georgij Litischewskij, came over to print his work last fall. Subsequently, all of our workshops were in permanent possession of the Russians.

Everything changed. After 40 years of working for and with artists we had to completely change our way of thinking. Our task was not to realize a finished idea but to rather introduce the artists to the wide range of possibilities of our printing technologies as well as to get them excited about the possible print quality that was unknown to them and diverse possible materials which can be used. The way the artists then challenged us and how they realized their ideas was astonishing and also brought about new forms of complications but, on the other hand, was also accompanied by a lot of fun and enthusiasm - especially for the Russian artists.

I believe that our portfolio is a permanent and impressive document of this close and productive collaboration.

Edition Domberger

Michael Domberger, May 1990


Portfolio including 20 screenprints signed + numbered
20 different Russian Artists
Medium: screenprint / collotype
Size: 58 × 76 cm
Edition: 100 Ex.

Jurij Albert, Grischa Bruskin, Erik Bulatov, Andrej Filippov, Sven Gundlach,
Wladimir Jankilewskij, Ilja Kabakov, Igor Kopystjanskij, Swetlana Kopystjanskaja,
Georgiy Litichewskiy, Sergej Mironenko, Wladimir Mironenko, Boris Orlov, Dmitrij
Prigov, Andrej Rojter, Iwan Tschujkov, Jurij Sobolev, Sergej Wolkov, Wadim Zacharov,
Konstantin Zwesdotschotov

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Jurij Albert
Grischa Bruskin
Igor Kopystjanskij
Georgy Litichevskiy
Erik Bulatov
Andrej Filippov
Sven Gundlach
Dmitrij Prigov
Jurij Sobolev
Konstantin Zwesdotchotov
Andrei Roiter
Wladimir Jankilewskij
Ilja Kabakov
Swetlana Kopystjanskaja
Wladimir Mironenko
Sergej Mironenko
Boris Orlov
Iwan Tschujkov
Sergej Wolkov
Wadim Zacharov