Special Exhibition 15 March – 15 April 2015

Dear friends and customers of Galerie Domberger

We’re sitting at the station, we’re waiting at the airport, we’re going to the movies, we’re walking through the shopping districts, we’re visiting a museum ... and we’re always facing advertising posters.

Posters are large-sized picture boards with few text lines attracting us to a product or content within seconds as they are always carrying emotions.

Since 1952 we have printed artist- and exhibition posters as serigraphs  - on the same screens and with the same high standards that we have been using and applied for our Domberger editions.

Therefore it is no surprise that a famous and renowned PopArt representative like Robert Indiana had his posters not just printed at Domberger but signed some of them, too. Today, these posters are only available as unique copies which are exquisitely rare items.

In our special exhibition ECHT PLAKATIV we are displaying exhibition posters of great national and international artists, many of them are from our production, some from Kunsthaus Zürich and others from Op-Art Gallery Hans Mayer from the 1960s.

Get yourself a piece of (art) history with one of these posters!

We are looking forward to your visit.

Michael Domberger